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Released in February 2008 Bobby's first full length album features 11 tracks. Below is track listing & a review that featured in The Sydney Morning Herald.

The CD is delivered in a clear 'jewel case' & features a 12 page colour booklet.

If you would prefer a digital download or would like to preview any of the tracks from 'Out Front' head straight over to iTunes.

Out Front - Bobby Flynn and The Omega Three

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'Out Front'
1. Anymeans
2. Fire Me Away
3. Under The Milky Way
4. Human
5. Out Of The Blue
6.Take Me By The Hand
7. The Boy Had Trouble
8. Own Words
9. Payload
10. Kindly
11. Come Get Away

Bernard Zuel - Sydney Morning Herald 1/2/2008

"...Flynn has an idiosyncratic voice with a liquid centre, the hint of a honk and some attractive trembling in its upper register. He can almost croon in Take Me By The Hand and flutter above the tune in The Boy Had Trouble while there are times, such as in the album's final track, Come Get Away, when it has some of the freefalling nature of Tim Buckley. At other times, such as the opening track, Any Means, he has a surprising echo of James Reyne (with better diction).

It is neither a jazz voice nor a pop one but not exactly soul either, though that is where it most often goes and where Flynn seems happiest. In those moments, there are long vocal lines that change shape fluidly and darken, particularly in the slow-burn that suddenly switches into barrio groove of Human....

...He's more comfortable with his own songs, which toy with vulnerability without completely opening up. That, presumably, will come with experience and confidence. For the moment, he's a very interesting young talent who may yet grow into something special. Not an Idol then."